Thursday, December 2, 2010

Errors, Exceptions and Problems in Mobile Application Development and Its Installation on Mobile Devices

Like a newbie, I also have started developing application and go on implementing code after code as per requirement and ultimately finished my application development.
My application was fully developed with great efforts and it was running perfectly fine as expected on emulators, I have tested it vigorously to make it bug free. Then I wanted to install and test it on actual mobile device. I followed all the necessary steps of installing mobile application on the device, but I was failing again and again with various kinds of errors which I had never seen in my life. At first glance, I thought it is a small problem. After taking guidance from some experts on the various forums, I have decided to alter my application. It was really annoying to make changes in the already developed application. But there was no other option left for me.

I started resolving errors after errors. I came to know that I was totally wrong about the problem that I thought it was a small problem.

When you start installing mobile application on a mobile device, the application is verified first. There are various criteria defined by the device vendor. These criteria varies vendor to vendor, and device to device of the same vendor. On the basis of these criteria, the application is checked at the time of installation on the mobile device. If application fulfills all the criteria set by the device vendor for that particular device, the application is marked as verified and then installation proceeds further.

Really I was totally unaware of various physical limitations like method should not be too long, there should be limited number of variables, size of COD should not be more than 64KB etc. So I decided to share my experience, what I did to sort out these errors. It may be possible that I might have not experienced the errors which you are facing, and vice-versa. Sorry about that.

My development environment was NetBeans IDE and BlackBerry JDE. I tested my application on various BlackBerry emulators. I tried installation on mobile device BlackBerry 8520 Curve Smart Phone.


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